Free camping in the off season - Wirib

Free camping in the off season

Wirib Tourism Park is offering free camping is until the start of the next season which is around March 2020. Yes, free camping!


There will be absolutely no charge for the use of power or camping – free means free – no hidden catches. To share the love, we are limiting campers to three nights free and paid camping after that.


In exchange, we invite people to buy supplies and fuel from the store or treat themselves to yummy coffee, freshly baked bread and a treat from the onsite bakery.


Wirib Store and Tourism Park is 100% Indigenous owned and operated by a local Indigenous group called Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation. Staying at the park and shopping in the store generates money for the group and contributes to creating opportunities for future generations.


At the start and the end of the season we invite people to come and stay for free. Its fun and it helps to extend the season just that little bit longer. We like to encourage people to explore the beautiful Timber Creek and Victoria River region.


I’ll let you in on secret, most people come to this region in the dry because of the mild weather, but the country shows her true beauty during the wet. The best time for photography is after December when the rains are regular, and the country springs to life!


People are shocked when we trot out the free word. Often people want to know the catch, and it feels good to say, ‘there isn’t one’. We understand that travel is about creating memorable experiences, and this is just one way we like to contribute to the overall experience of our amazing NT.


When camping is free, the park does fill up quickly, but the three-day limit means people are coming and going all the time. Email or ring (08) 8975 0602 if people are heading our way and want to check availability.


We do expect however that word of mouth and goodwill will travel along the grapevine and demonstrate that we value our guests. We need them and they need us – its symbiotic.


We believe offering free camping is good news – and we know how fast good news spreads with grey campers, and we would hope our act of kindness is reciprocated by shopping in the store.