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NT in the wet season

There is no denying it, the dry season is when most tourists come to the NT. It’s a time when the weather is predictable and warm when the rest of the southern states are cold.


I will let you in a little secret though, and this is especially true for the Victoria River District. Its far more beautiful in the wet season.


If you are into photography, fishing, bird watching, taking it a bit slower and dodging the crowds, then visiting the Victoria River District in the wet could be something well worth thinking about.


There are some draw backs which can’t be ignored however. Its humid, and not just a little bit. From September we have a build up. As the name suggests, the rainy season is building. The days are hot and the humidity can be around 90%. There are some storms, but for the most part, never enough to cool things down.


The rains arrive properly in January (or late December) and you will be treated to amazing electrical storms, thunder storms and heavy downpours. Fun to watch!


Cyclones are a possibility too which is something worth considering. Timber Creek is close enough to the coast to get hit by a cyclone.


If you’re not sure here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Can you access air conditioning to sleep in?
  • If the roads were flooded and you had to stay put for a little while would that be the end of the world?
  • Are you or your travelling companions frightened by thunder and lightning?
  • Could your set up handle heavy rain?
  • Can you handle the humidity and the wearing lots of aeroguard (especially if you’re fishing)?
  • Are you well enough insured to face a cyclone?
  • Is your skin up to it (ulcers do not fair well in the tropical wet season)?

If you’re still considering it, the last bit of information to consider is knowing where to contact locally for what is happening weather wise.


The local ABC radio (105.3FM in Timber Creek) is the emergency broadcaster in the NT and where you will access all information about weather emergencies.


Travellers are encouraged to check with the local health centre on arrival (also to get an understanding of the sacred sites) Lot 93 Wilson Street in Timber Creek or 08 8975 0727.


Ask at the Wirib Store staff when you check in.Hope to see you in the wet!


Photo: Giant Anvil Crawler 2 by jacciingham